Stop Barack Obama's IRS War on Liberty Counsel Action and other Lobbying Groups!

Our petition calls for congressional intervention into new IRS guidelines by which President Obama is attempting to eliminate and/or restrict conservative organizations' influence. 

The Issue:
Liberty Counsel Action, an IRS approved 501(c)(4) organization, is now the target of new IRS guidelines that will profoundly diminish our free speech right to call out politicians and their policies, and to promote conservative values, such as protecting our constitutional rights against the Executive Branch's infringements.

The IRS policy, if enacted, will restrict any message expressing approval/support or disapproval/opposition to any candidate for public office. It could also restrict the issuance of LCA's Voter Guides and Congressional Scorecards, and impede our "Get out the Vote" campaigns.

The IRS issued the proposed guidelines in late November and has set the public comment period until February 27. One of the main concerns about the regulations is that they do not apply to labor unions, traditionally heavy supporters of the liberal progressive viewpoint and Democrat candidates for public office.

The IRS, by admittedly targeting conservative organizations during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, has destroyed the public trust for any credibility and neutrality in enforcing their new guidelines which, if implemented, would be enacted during the 2014 election year. 

Take Action:
We are petitioning the Senate Committee on Finance: Taxation and IRS Oversight to ensure all 501(c)(4) organizations formed to promote conservative values will be treated fairly by the IRS. We are also registering our disapproval (without including any of our supporters’ names or addresses) with the IRS “open commentary” mechanism.

We need 50,000 signers before we hand-deliver the petitions to Capitol Hill during the open comment period.

Your petitions will be delivered to the four ranking members of the Senate Committee on Finance: Taxation and IRS Oversight

The Liberty Counsel Action petition states: 

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, demand that the IRS cease and desist targeting conservative organizations and individuals. These IRS actions are patently biased, an unlawful abuse of power, and an egregious violation of the public trust.

We are calling for a fair and balanced approach to IRS regulations regarding 501(c)(4) organizations, not ones that blatantly restrict free speech during an election year.

Political considerations must be put aside! The IRS must act solely on the grounds for which it was formed: the collection of taxes and the interpretation and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code.

For your patriotic stand with Liberty Counsel Action, we will send you a free Don't Tread on Me oversized sticker! Your high quality, heavy vinyl bumper or window sticker measures a full 5 ˝" x 7 ˝" and will not peel, fade, or crack, even after prolonged exposure to weather and car washes.



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