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Americans died. Obama lied.
Help expose the outrageous cover-up of the Benghazi,
Libya, terrorist attacks! 

Our LCA petition is calling for a complete congressional investigation through the establishment of a bipartisan House Select Committee! 

The Issue.
Radical Muslim terrorists brutally attacked the American consulate in Libya on September 11th killing four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. For weeks following the attack, President Obama and his administration were calling the attacks a spontaneous Muslim mob response to an anti-Islam video posted on You-Tube.  

The administration's lies and cover-up.
A newly released Senate Intelligence Committee report declares that the Benghazi attacks "were preventable." The committee cites Hillary Clinton's State Department for failure to protect American interests and lives in spite of "ample" advance requests for protection, which were denied. Based on newly declassified information, we now know that the Obama administration's assertion that the attacks were a demonstration against an anti-Musilm video was a carefully crafted lie designed to deceive U.S. citizens and families of the victims. This new evidence suggests that the Obama administration knew the truth about the attacks then purposefully held to the deception.

What were President Obama and his administration hiding while attempting to deceive the American people?

Americans nationwide are demanding answers.
We, the people, and the victims' families, deserve to know the truth.

That's why Liberty Counsel Action has launched a nationwide petition calling for and supporting a full, bipartisan congressional investigation into the events surrounding the attack at Benghazi, Libya.Your petitions will be delivered to the four ranking members of these committees as well as the leadership of the House Oversight Committee.

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The Liberty Counsel Action petition states:   

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, demand full accountability for the deaths of the four Americans killed in Libya. We strongly endorse a bipartisan congressional investigation into the failure to protect our Ambassador and consulate, and to expose the reasons why the Obama administration covered up the truth and lied to the American people.

Political considerations must be put aside! Enemies of America's best interests in these events must be exposed. U.S. government officials, irrespective of the seniority of their positions, must be held accountable. This is a critical issue affecting national security and foreign policy.

While we support investigations and actions by Senate and House committees, we believe that a bipartisan House Select Committee must be formed by Speaker Boehner in order to unify the investigations, consolidate the sharing of information, and to have subpoena power. The families of the victims and the American people deserve to know the truth about the terrorist attacks on our facilities in Banghazi.    

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