Tell the United States Senate your opinions on President-elect Trump's cabinet picks

The Senate has begun confirmation hearings on President-elect Trump's cabinet nominees. While past presidents, including President Obama, have been given latitude on their choices, Senate Democrats are vowing to obstruct several of Mr. Trump's nominees.

Liberty Counsel Action is polling our friends who helped elect a Republican-controlled government. We will deliver the findings to the Senate leadership.

Attorney General/Department of Justice: Sen. Jeff Sessions
U.S. Senator; Extensive Government experience
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson
Businessman; CEO of Exxon Mobil for the last decade
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Defense: General James Mattis
Four-star Marine Corps General; led U.S. Central Command
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Homeland Security: Retired General John Kelly
Marine Corps General; Commander-Southern (Americas) Command
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of the Treasury: Steven Mnuchin
Banker; Goldman Sachs; Film Producer
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross
Investor; Billionaire businessman, Led Rothschild Inc.,
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Labor: Andrew Puzder
CEO of CKE Restaurants (Hardees/Carl, Jr.); Lawyer
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Rep. Tom Price
Six-term Georgia Congressman; Former Orthopedist MD
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Dr. Ben Carson
Retired Neurosurgeon; Raised in urban Detroit; presidential candidate
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry
Former governor of Texas; presidential candidate
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao
Former labor secretary; Peace Corps Director
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos
Philanthropist; Director - American Federation for Children
Yes No Undecided

Secretary of the Interior: Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana
Navy Seals veteran; Two years in Congress
Yes No Undecided

Director of National Intelligence: Dan Coats
Former Indiana senator; former U.S. ambassador to Germany
Yes No Undecided

Director, Office of Management and Budget: Rep. Mick Mulvaney
Congressman; founding member of the Freedom Caucus
Yes No Undecided

Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt
Attorney General of Oklahoma; former state senator
Yes No Undecided

Ambassador to the United Nations: Gov. Nikki Haley
Governor of South Carolina since 2010 ; state lawmaker
Yes No Undecided

Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon
Former CEO of WWE; former Republican Senate candidate
Yes No Undecided

U.S. Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer
Former U.S. Trade Representative; Partner at a law firm
Yes No Undecided

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman: Jay Clayton:
Partner at the law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Regulatory compliance
Yes No Undecided

Department of Agriculture: Forest Lucas (Unconfirmed)
Founder, Lucas Oil; Founder, Protect the Harvest
Yes No Undecided

Department of Veterans Affairs: David Shulkin
VA's current undersecretary for health; former head of major hospitals
Yes No Undecided

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